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Jan 18,2023

By Star of Baby

best breastfeeding pump

Expressing breast milk using those traditional breast pumps can be stressful as you need to be stuck in your seat while pumping. In the end, all you get is some stored breast milk and lots of pending work, no matter household work or something related to your profession.

Wearable breast pumps can be a life-changing gadget for those breastfeeding mothers who are using traditional breast pumps since they started pumping. Taking the initiative to help all-rounder moms, Star of Baby has introduced an affordable range of the best wearable breast pumps in India so that they can do their tasks freely while pumping.

So mommies, before diving into the world of wearable breast pumps, Let’s get some information you would need to know to help you set your expectations. Let’s Go!!!

What is a wearable breast pump?

As the name hints, a wearable breast pump is a hands-free, tube-free, wireless, and totally portable breast pump that can be worn right in the bra.

Wearable breast pumps consist of a few main parts:

  • Motor (mostly housed inside the main body of the breast pump)
  • Flanges
  • Valves and membranes
  • Collection cups or breast milk storage bags

Wearable breast pumps allow you to move freely while pumping the breast milk, but degrees of mobility can be depending on the brand of a wearable pump.

Wearable breast pumps allow you to do other household chores without spilling the breast milk. You can be doing all of your tasks freely while expressing breast milk with these wearable breast pumps.

Wearable breast pumps are different from traditional pumps which vary from brand to brand. Once you start using wearable breast pumps, will definitely feel the difference. But wearable breast pumps are not that familiar as breastfeeding mothers are not aware of them still. Breastfeeding mothers have stuck to those traditional breast pumps unaware of this boon (wearable breast pumps).

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An affordable price range of the best wearable breast pumps in India:

Star of Baby has brought you the most affordable range of wearable breast pumps to make breastfeeding mothers’ life super easy. Let's take a look at this amazing range of wearable breast pumps:

9 Level Double Wearable Breast Pump - (S12) | Star of Baby




Double Electric Wearable Breast Pump – S9 |Star of Baby




Wearable Portable Breast Pump (S10 Pro) | Star of Baby



Double Electric Wearable Breast Pumps-1 Pair- (S9) | STAR OF BABY





How to use a wearable breast pump?

Rushing to unwrap your wearable breast pump to use it with so much excitement? Hold on, wait a minute!

The first thing you should do is, Learn how to use a wearable breast pump correctly to be sure that you’re increasing the milk supply without damaging your breast tissues or nipples.

  • First of all, you need to focus on the size of your bra and the flange of the wearable breast pump. Find a flange size that fits you perfectly. You can measure the size of your breast or can go with the size chart provided by that specific brand.
  • Wearable breast pumps need to fit to you to work correctly, in this case, you should wear a tight-fitting bra so that the breast pumps form a tight seal around your breast. So, a tight-fitting bra is a must to start pumping with a wearable breast pump.

If you have done these two most important things, Go for it, ladies!!! you can start your pumping session. Just make sure you have cleaned all the parts of the breast pump properly.

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Can you get your wearable breast pump for free through insurance?

As wearable breast pumps are a little costly, you must be feeling double-minded about buying them. No worries now you can get them for free. Shocked? Yes, you heard it right! Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), passed in 2010 gives you the opportunity to get a free breast pump through insurance.

Now you must be wondering if the insurance covers these wearable breast pumps too.

However, all insurance companies have their policies and which breast pumps they would cover are based on your particular health insurance plan even though insurance companies must cover your wearable breast pump.

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