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Get started with breastfeeding and pumping schedule | By Star of Baby

Jan 06,2023

By Star of Baby

Get started with breastfeeding and pumping schedule

We all are living in a modern and fast-paced world. Where we are waterlogged with various information, especially as new parents! You must have already Google the best ways to feed, how to feed, and when and how often to feed. This truly can be a tiresome experience. For various reasons, many moms choose to combine breastfeeding and pumping and their choice can be personal. We’ve all heard that for six months, breast milk is the only thing that a newborn baby needs. But due to some reasons, mothers choose to express milk using the breast pump so that they can provide breast milk to their baby. If you are one who wants to breastfeed and pump breast milk for your baby, here is something to get it done easily.

Reasons why mothers choose to breastfeed and pump:

Modern moms are opting for breast pumps with breastfeeding. Reasons could be personal, but getting started and setting up a routine could be stressful at first as the new moms are already dealing with stress. There are countless reasons why a mother might choose to do both pumping and breastfeeding. Here are some of them:

  1. Mothers are concerned about the milk supply, so they start pumping with a breast pump to increase milk production.
  2. Mothers want to have flexibility in their life and need some space or “me time”.
  3. They are about to go back to work or they need to stay away from the baby for longer periods due to some medical conditions or something else.
  4. Both mother and father have decided to divide the duties of parenthood.
  5. There may be an underlying medical issue and the doctor has suggested not breastfeeding the baby, in this kind of case doctors advise using a breast pump to collect the breast milk to feed the baby.

Things you need while using the breast pump and breastfeeding:

First of all to get started, make sure you have the right equipment for breastfeeding and the best breastfeeding machine. Of course, breastfeeding will be a bit more straightforward and comfortable if you have the best types of equipment with you!

Breastfeeding tips and tricks for new moms:

  1. Buy a good quality nursing pillow. It will help you to support your baby so and will make the latching easier for the baby. It also makes you feel relaxed as your hands will be free during breastfeeding.
  2. Breast or nipple moisturizer or coconut oil. It helps to prevent discomfort, dryness and chapped nipples.
  3. Breastfeeding bra or nursing bra or top. Easy access is the key to finding the best works right for you for the whole month.
  4. Before breastfeeding, find a warm and peaceful environment o with your baby to feed him/her. Doing this will help stimulate the let-down reflex. It is also a great way to get relax!
  5. Before nursing, you need to learn bottle-feeding techniques. You can introduce bottle feeding to the baby in many ways it will encourage babies to continue breastfeeding simultaneously.

Necessary breast pumps and accessories

There on the market, breast pumps come with so many options. So, it is important to find out the best breast pump and accessories. Considering your needs and your lifestyle, you can find the best breastfeeding pump for you that will work best for you and your baby. Here are the three most common breast pumps available to you.

  1. Manual breast pumps: Manual breast pumps are less costly and require no power. These pumps need to be processed with hands to express the milk. If are planning to pump occasionally then manual breast pumps are the best option for you.
  2. Electric breast pumps: Star of Baby electric breastfeeding pump. Electric breastfeeding pumps have been popular for many years. You must have seen them at your knowns place, maybe your friend is using the same or your relative might be using the same. Electric breast pumps need to be connected to the electricity. Many electric breast pumps can be processed with batteries also. These kinds of beast pumps are quick and easy to use that give you comfort. Electric pumps are a bit more costly than manual breast pumps but you will feel it is better than the manual breast pump.
  3. Wearable breast pumps: Wearable breast pumps are new in the market and are upgrading the standard and expectations of new moms. for pumping. Wearable breast pumps fit inside your bra and you can feel freedom.

How to Store breast milk?

To store breast milk, you need something that you can carry with you whenever you go out. It will also help you to keep the breast milk safe to use after some time or hours. Breast milk storage bags are the best option for you.

Breast milk storage bag: When you draw out the milk using a breast pump, it is obvious that you need to store the breast milk in something that can protect the milk from getting bad. A breast milk storage bag would help you to store the breast milk for hours. It will keep the milk cool and safe.