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Solving Some Common Breastfeeding Problems | By Star of Baby

Jan 10,2023

By Star of Baby

Breastfeeding is not that easy for all mothers. The nursing journey can bring some issues to you. Many breastfeeding moms face different problems while breastfeeding their babies. Star of Baby is here to solve your problems related to breastfeeding.

Let’s take a look at some of the common breastfeeding problems that many mothers face-

1. Engorgement

Breasts bulging with a whole lot of milk is called Engorgement of breasts It happens when your baby is not draining your breasts properly or you are not breastfeeding timely. It makes mummas’ breasts hard and firm. Of course, like other breastfeeding problems, engorged breasts also can be uncomfortable for moms. You can experience engorged breast breasts at the start of your breastfeeding journey.

Solution: Hand-expressing or expressing with a breastfeeding pump a little before feeding the baby can help you out. It will make the breasts softer and easier for the baby to latch. To know more about engorged breasts read out this blog - What is breast engorgement? How to get relief?

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2. Cracked nipples

This is one of the most common breastfeeding problems. It happens due to a shallow latch, not pumping properly, and due to dry skin. Cracked nipples are a little frightening and uncomfortable but there is nothing to worry about as they can be treated easily.

Solution: Make sure your baby is properly positioned while breastfeeding. Position your baby so that your nipple settles farther back into the baby’s mouth to make the latching more comfortable and effective for the baby. It’s will be best to have a lactation consultant to determine the reason for your cracked nipples before opting for any treatment, but for many breastfeeding moms, soothing gel pads, nursing ointments, and taking a light painkiller can help ease the discomfort. Washing the nipples with soap and water twice a day would prevent any bacterial infection.

3. Baby sleeping on the breast

This is normal and even expected when a newborn baby especially a sleepy baby nods while nursing in the first few weeks after birth. This mainly happens when the newborn doesn’t get enough breast milk. An even milk flow keeps the baby awake and engaged during breastfeeding.


Solution: As we know that milk flow is always fast and high at the start. So, always start breastfeeding with the fuller breast first then switch to another breast sooner rather than later. This is the best idea to increase efficiency. You need to massage your breast while breastfeeding if you see that the baby is fluttering its eyes and sucking slowly. This will help to increase milk flow and will also help to perk the baby up. You can also rub the baby’s head blowing in its face and waking them up gently.


4. Inverted nipple

It doesn’t matter if you have inverted nipples. It won’t affect breastfeeding. But sometimes babies feel a little discomfort. You may need to consult a latching consultant if you have inverted nipples.

Solution: To get some help for inverted nipples, we recommend you use a breast pump. Breast pumps will help you to pull your nipples out and will also help you to stimulate your breast milk supply.

5. Painful letdown

Breastfeeding can be painful sometimes. It feels like tingling or prickly pins and needles during a letdown. But for some mothers, it can be a bit more than this. This letdown sensation can be achy or hurt deeply in the breast that causes discomfort to moms.

Solution: This can happen when there is an excessive amount of milk, more than your baby feeds. You can use the breast pump to collect the milk or to drain your breasts. This stored milk can be fed to the baby when in need. The other solution is to visit your healthcare provider as it could be a yeast or bacterial infection in your breasts. If you are experiencing fever, aches, and chills, these are the signs you need to call our doctor.

Having various issues while breastfeeding is a normal thing and many women face the same, all breastfeeding mothers need good bits of advice from experts to fight all these problems of breastfeeding.

6. Low milk supply

Breast milk is based on the supply-and-demand system. The more your baby feeds the more milk will be produced. There can be various reasons for a low breast milk supply, so it will be always best to consult your lactation expert to see what’s wrong.

Solution: Nursing and pumping frequently can help you to maintain a good breast milk supply. Stay hydrated and well nourished, to the surprise downing an excess of liquids and consuming more calories can increase milk production.