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Jan 20,2023

By Star of Baby

Dates are said to be a powerhouse of nutrition. Eating a date per day can benefit a human being. But do they benefit during pregnancy also?

People say eating dates during the ninth month of pregnancy can ease labour. Let’s find out how true is this.

Before going ahead to know the benefits of eating dates during pregnancy, let’s find what benefits the dates have for a normal human.

Benefits of eating dates:

Do you know these tiny dates are hiding so many benefits? For example, dates have an excellent nutrition profile. After drying up them, their calorie content is higher than most fresh fruits.

Dates are high in carbs so, they provide calories in good amounts. Not only calories, dates also contain some important vitamins and minerals and protein and a significant amount of fibre.

Here is a table that shows the nutrient that a 100-gram serving of dates can provide:


227 Kcal


6.7 g


1.8 g


0.9 mg


15 mcg


0.2 g

Vitamin K

2.7 mcg


696 mg


54 mg


Pregnancy and Dates (Khajoor): Should you eat dates during pregnancy?

As many old women suggest eating dates during the ninth month of pregnancy to ease the labour, many pregnant women follow them but we know that Dates (Khajoor) are considered hot food and consuming hot food in excess amounts can lead to many problems such as nose bleeding it also can upset your stomach. So, are they really good and safe for you during pregnancy? Let’s find out!!

  • There is no doubt, Dates are safe and beneficial for both the mother and the baby. Dates consist of fructose that breaks down quickly and provides instant energy without increasing one’s blood sugar levels. Eating dates during pregnancy is good because they contain laxatives that aid in uterus contractions and shorten them which eases labour. 
  • Research has said that the consumption of dates during late pregnancy can affect delivery positively and shorten labour.
  • Dates (Khajoor) can reduce the risk of anaemia in pregnant women so, they are highly recommended during pregnancy.
  • Consuming dates can also help cope with morning sickness, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels, get rid of toxins, boost immunity, and maintain calcium content in the body.

Now we can say that dates are good and safe to consume during pregnancy as dates are filled with multiple nutrients which can help a pregnant woman tremendously.

What are the benefits of eating dates during pregnancy?

Here are some of the benefits of eating dates during pregnancy:

  1. Dates contain proteins which help build amino acids that are required for bodily growth.
  2. Research has proved that more than 83% of women have their membranes intact when they were admitted to the hospital, ate dates and less than 28% of these women were needed to give synthetic oxytocin or prostin gel during labour. Besides 60% of women who didn’t eat dates had their membranes intact, while about 43% of them needed prostin gel.
  3. Consumption of dates during pregnancy can help boost the oxytocin effect, the contraction of the womb which enhances uterus sensitivity.
  4. Dates are loaded with calcium, serotonin, and tannin that help pregnant women in the proper contraction of the uterine muscles.
  5. Dates supply energy as they contain fatty acids both saturated and unsaturated.
  6.  They also help in producing prostaglandins. Both the oxytocin effect and prostaglandins are essential for labour.
  7. Dates contain laxatives that ease and shorten labour as they aid contractions.

Different ways to consume dates during pregnancy:

There are several ways that a pregnant woman can try to consume dates during pregnancy. Eating them raw is, of course, the first way. Let’s find out the other ways you can eat dates:

  • No second thought for a smoothie: Mix five to six dates with a cup of yoghurt and blend them well to make a smoothie.
  • Syrup: You can make date syrup at home. Blend a few dates with milk. Just pour the mixture over ice cream, toast, waffles or oatmeal and enjoy.
  • With any of your desserts: You can add dates while making dessert for example pudding.
  • Pie Crust: Mix dates and nuts in the grinder and make a smooth puree. Mix that puree with the pie dough. Enjoy a healthy and tasty date pie crust.
  • As a sweetener: You also can replace sugar with dates in your drinks.
  • Cookies and Muffins: Remove the seeds and cut the dates n small pieces, add to your cookie or muffin batter to enhance the taste.
  • Wrap them up: You can also include dates in your chicken and tuna wraps for a sweet taste.

Bottom Line

Always be careful and never eat the dates in excess. Keep the thing in mind that anything in excess can harm you. Eating dates in excess can lead to weight gain or other health issues. Of course, dates are loaded with nutrients, they are soft and easy to eat. Dates have been the must-eat food for pregnant women to ease labour and some doctors also recommend eating dates during pregnancy.

So, if you are a mother-to-be and planning to add dates to your diet, ask your doctor first. If they recommend you only then include the dates to your diet. It will be best to consume fresh dates always check dates before eating. It will be fine if you eat dates in moderation during your pregnancy!