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Sep 29,2022

By Star of Baby


People's names might influence how they think about themselves and the way in which people might think about them. Parents need to name their child with a name that could define her/his personality and the name that the child would like after growing up. Finding an aesthetic name is not a piece of cake, many questions, and many doubts come with each name such as what is the meaning of this name? Would the baby like the name after growing into an adult? How this name would affect his/her life? Having these kinds of questions in mind while selecting a unique name for the baby is natural and good too. These questions help you to name your baby a perfect name.

If you are the one struggling with these kinds of questions then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will suggest some aesthetic name ideas for baby girls, starting with D, S, K, and n, with the meaning of each name. Keep reading to find the unique and perfect name for your baby girl.

Aesthetic name ideas for baby girls starting with D

Name               Meaning                    

Deepa                  Light

Diksha                 Initiation, Sacrifice, self-reliant

Drishti                  Vision, Sight

Devpriya              Beloved of Lord

Deepali                Happiness into one’s life, joy

Deepal                Burning lamp, light

Devina                  Beloved, divine

Dhani                   Rich

Dhanusha           Genuine

Darshini              Another name for Goddess Durga

Dharti                  The earth

Dakshayani        Goddess Durga

Divyanka            A divine person, a gift of God

Devyani              Chariot of the Gods, one with divine power

Deepika              Light

Dhanisha            Full of hope

Dhanshree         Goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi

Devika                A river in Himalaya

Disha                  Direction, one who can show the right direction

Damyanti           Soothing, subduing

Dhara                 The eath

Dhamini        Self-controlled

Darpana             Miror

Dhanak               Wealthy, prosperity

Dipshikha           Flame, Lamp

Deepanshi          Brightness

Divya                  Divine

Damini               Lightning

Daksha               Shiva’s wife, The earth

Dhruvini             The pole star, immovable

Deepti                The ray of hope

Dwiti                  Dual, Second

Devanshi            A Part of God

Darsha                Paying respect, knowledge, vision

Dikshita              Expert, initiated

Durga                 Goddess Durga

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Damyanti           Soothing

Dayavanti           A goddess of mercy

Aesthetic name ideas for baby girls starting with S

Name           Meaning

Sarika          The mynah bird, beauty, Another name of Durga

Sahaj            Natural

Sanjana       Gentle, in harmony

Saumya       born of Soma (moon)

Samridhi      Good luck, wealth, prosperity

Shanvi          Goddess Parvati, attractive  

Shivika      Palanquin

Suruchi        Expert in Vedas

Saira            Princess

Sunanda      Happy, pleasing

Shefali         A sweet-smelling flower

Siddhi          Achievement, Perfection or completion

Suhani         Pleasant

Suhasini       Goddess Saraswati

Saloni          Charming, beautiful

Shagun        Omen, Luck, Fortunate. Auspicious moment

Sargun         All good things

Smiti            A smile

Simran         Meditation, remembrance

Shivani         Life and death

Shivalika      Belonging of Lord Shiva

Shrivalli       Goddess Lakshmi

Sudha          Nectar

Samayra      Enchanting

Sanyogita    Complete satisfaction

Smeera        Goddess of beauty

Soha            Hidden or invisible, star of a constellation

Sonalika       Golden

Sonika          Golden, beautiful

Shweta        Goddess Saraswati

Shruty          That which is heard

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Aesthetic name ideas for baby girls starting with K

Name           Meaning

Kiran                 Ray of light

Kajal                  Beauty of eyes

Katyani             Goddess Parvati, dressed in red

Kanishka          Name of a king

Kinjal                River bank

Kangana          A jewel of women

Kumud             A lotus

Kashish            Attraction

Kaishi               One has beautiful hair

Khanak             The golden one

Kshitija            Daughter of the earth

Kaamna           Desire or wish

Kanika             Atom, seed, or gold

Kasak               Test

Kesar                 Saffron, mane of a horse or lion

Khushboo         A pleasant smell

Khushali           One spreading happiness

Khushi              Joy, happiness

Kashvi              Shining, bright

Kamya             Good-looking, charming

Kaveri              A river in South India

Keerti               Famous, well known

Kriti                  Action, a work of art

Kareena           Flower, pure, innocent

Kapila               Tawny, reddish brown

Kamakshi        One with loving eyes, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati

Kusum              A flower, blossom

Kiara                 Light or clear

Kavya                 Poem

Karishma            Miracle

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Aesthetic name ideas for baby girls starting with N

Name                  Meaning

Niharika                 Dew drops, bunches of stars

Natasha                  Birthday of Lord

Naina                      One having beautiful eyes

Neerja                     Lotus

Noorjahan             One who spread light  

Nupur                     Anklet, Payal

Neena                     Iittle girl

Nabiya                    One having high status

Nazima                  Poetess

Nagina                  A gem

Naira                    Girl glittering, shining

Noor                     Brightness

Nayantara          Star of the eyes

Nitisha                 Ardhanareshwara, Goddess of justice

Neha                    Love, affection, one having beautiful eyes

Nandini                A woman who brings joy

Nitya                     Constant, eternal

Nikita                    People’s victory, The earth

Niyati                   Destiny, faith

Nirmala              Clean, virtuous

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Nivedita : One dedicated to service, one who surrendered to God

Navya               Young, praiseworthy

Nirjala               Peace of water, love

Nimrat              One who carries god’s massage

Nidhi               Treasure, wealth

Nisha               Night

Nilima            A beauty by its blue reflection

Nidra              Goddess of sleep

Netra              Vision

Nalini             Lotus, goddess Gayatri