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Sep 26,2022

By Star of Baby

The most challenging task for parents that comes up with the birth of a new born child is, naming their child. Relatives and friends, making the job more difficult, suggest many names. But finding a unique and meaningful name is such a mind-smashing task.

 If you are the one who is looking for a unique name for your baby boy starting with “K” then you are in the right place. Here we will suggest some unique names for your baby boy starting with “K”. With our vast collection of unique names for baby boys, your task of finding a good name starting from “K” will be easier.

The following list is loaded with many unique names for a baby boy starting with “K” with their meaning. So you can choose a name for your little one that he will be proud of as he grows up. at the end we will suggest you some names out of these names, Keep reading……!!

Here is a list of Baby boys’ names starting with “K”. 

Kavi - A poet; lyricist

Kiash - Lord Shiva

Kahal - Lord Shiva

Keshiv - Lord Shiva

Kushil - Lord Shiva

Kaami- Perfect

Kirishva - Lord Shiva

Kapilanjan - Lord Shiva

Kritanya - Lord Vishnu

Kaanishk- an ancient king who followed Buddhism

Kanha - Lord Krishna

Kevit - Lord Krishna

Kiesh - Lord Krishna

Kinishk - Lord Krishna

Kiyansh - Lord Krishna

Kadamb – Name of a tree

Kriyaan - Lord Krishna

Krushil - Lord Krishna

Kavis - Lord Ganesha

Kajish - Lord Ganesha

Kadar – Devine destiny

Kavesh - Lord Ganesha

Kuha - Lord Muruga

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Kovan - King; emperor

Kadeem – Slave to god

Kadhir - Sun's rays; ray of light

Kamban - The poet who composed Kamba Ramayanam

Kavipriyan - One who adores poetry

Kailash – Abode of lord Shiva

Kalaivarman - An artistic person

Kamik - Desired

Kirin - Poet; one who praises

Karnik – Judge

Kajesh - Knowledge

Kethan - Pure gold

Kartish - A star; one who blossoms once a year

Kathvik - Precious; Lord Vishnu

Kalash – Sacred pot

Koustub - A gem on the chest of Lord Vishnu

Kritesh - Famous

Krithin - Famous; wealthy

Kalind – Mountain, The sun

Krithiv - Creation of God

Kayilainathan - Lord Shiva

Kaviko - King of poets

Kalki – White horse

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Kabilan - Name of a saint

Kanthan - Lord Murugan

Kamlesh – Another name of Lord Shiva

Kankeyan - Lord Murugan

Karkodan - King of snakes

Kathiran - One who resembles a ray of light

Kushant - Happy little one

Kanish – Caring

Karan - A warrior; light

Karun - Compassionate

Kiyan - Grace of God; royal

Kohil - One with a sweet voice

Kunal - An ancient saint; God of the universe

Kanwan - Lotus

Kayasth - Son of Lord Chitragupta

Khagesh - Garuda, the king of birds

Kishora - Youthful

Kalp - Thought; imagination

Kayosh - Cloud; rain

Karan – The firstborn of Kunti, talented

Ketak - Flower

Keyur - Armlet; a bird like a phoenix

Kalpesh - Lord of perfection

Keyansh - Person with good qualities

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Kalpaj - Born in paradise

Karm – Deed, Destiny, Action

Kavtuk - To praise; enthusiasm

Kurpal - Kind; merciful

Karunit - Lord of mercy

Karn – The ear

Khildev - God of everyone

Kriteyu - Immortal

Krishvik - Farmer; one who works hard

Karneih – Lord of mercy, Lord Krishna

Kanak - Gold; precious

Kaschith - The sun

Kalaimani - Gem of arts

Karthigan - Lord Murugan

Kartavya – Responsibilities, duty

Karvannan - Lord Krishna

Kaviarasu - King of poetry

Karun – Gentle, merciful

Kritanu - A skilled person

Kalpak - A heavenly tree

Kripalu - Merciful; compassionate

Karv – Love Desire

Kushad - Talented

Kanishta – Youngest

Kaabir - One who is in charge; great; powerful

Kadeem - Slave to Allah; servant

Kasim – Divided, Lovely

Kafeel - Assuring; responsible

Kahill - Best friend

Karman - One who honors others; generous; selfless

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Kaysan - Wise

Kanza - Treasure

Khaza - Gift from God

Kuram - Generous; selfless; bright light

Kavish – Name of Lord Ganesha

Kasoor - Abounding; plenty

Kanaz - Bright

Kayam - Immortal

Kezin - Merciful

Kalainesan - One who loves art

Kaushal – Clever, Skilled

Kalanjiyam - Repository of wisdom

Kavithasan - One who worships poetry

Our Suggested names start with “K” for your baby boy.






Love, Desire




Responsibilities, duty




Lord of merci


Clever, skilled


The ear


Person with good qualities


God of the universe


Lord Ganesha