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Sep 29,2022

By Star of Baby

It is a joyous moment when a baby takes birth in a family, whether it is a boy or girl. In Hinduism, it is believed that girls are incarnations of the goddess Lakshmi. The birth of a girl is considered auspicious in Hindu families. Families welcome the girl as they are welcoming the goddess. And when it is about “Namkaran”, everyone takes part in this ritual, suggesting different and unique names for the baby girl. With such a long list of suggested names, it is hard to choose one unique name for the baby girl.

On the other hand, parents want to name their baby girl independently. They strive hard to decide on a unique and popular name for their girl child. A name that could make the baby girls feel proud when she grows up.

If you are one of them then you are at the right place. Here we are suggesting some popular and unique names for Hindu baby girls. This list consists of the meanings of each name. Keep reading!!!

List of Popular and unique names for Hindu baby girls.

Rajshree : Sage like a king

Kavya : Poetry in motion

Vanshika : Flute

Bhavna : Feelings

Latika : Goddess

Lavanya : Grace

Vishaka : A nakshatra or constellation

Radhika : Goddess of love and devotion

Himanshi : Part of the snow

Vedika : Full of knowledge, A river in India

Supriya : Beloved

Ritika : A tiny flowing river or stream, joy

Manvi :  Girl with humanity

Jeevika : Water, source of life, livelihood

Araadhya : Worshipped, Blessing of Lord Ganesh

Vaani : Eloquent in words, a name of the Goddess Saraswati

Kinjal : River bank

Pakhi : a beautiful bird

Harshita : Full of happiness

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Taruna : A youth girl

Shweta : Pure, White, Goddess Saraswati

Shivgami : Goddess Parvathi

Smiti : A smile, happiness

Kritika : Name of a star from the Nakshatra

Annpurna : The giver of food and nourishment

Bhumika : Earth

Bhashika : Reflection, splendor

Pragya : Wisdom, insight

Meenal : Precious Gem

Shraddha : Very attentive, Giver of luck, veneration

Anushka :  Grace

Manushi : Woman, Goddess Lakshmi

Divya : Divine brilliance

Disha : One who can show the right direction

Devika : Little Goddess

Divyanka : A divine person

Ishita : Mastery, Superior

Pranjal : Honest, simple, self-respecting

Veshnavi : Worshipper of Lord Vishnu

Mihika : Mist , fog

Kiara : Light

Shamita : Peacemaker

Shanvi : Goddess Parvati

Chetna : Power of intellect or alert, consciousness

Parineeti : Beauty, Fairy

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Pratiksha : Hope

Soumya : Born of Moon

Yuvika : Young woman

Niharika : admired for looks

Ananya : Unique

Nisha : Night

Surbhi : One who has everything

Srishti : Creation of the world, nature, universe

Akanksha : Desire

Akshita : Wonder girl

Riddhi : Good fortune, Prosperity

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Geetanjali : One who sings spiritual songs as submission to the God.

Sarika : Bird

Bhavya : Virtuous, splendid

Nikita : The earth

Chhavi : Reflection, image

Sandhya : Twilight