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Dec 02,2022 | Star of Baby

By Star of Baby

Reading is an important part of a child’s emotional and intellectual development.  Reading skills can be developed very early in children as brain development can be easy in that stage. Many parents find it difficult to increase their child’s reading skills.  Here we are telling 4 effective ways to increase your child’s reading skills to set your kid up for success later in life in many ways.

It is seen that children who are weak in reading English are less confident and they face more difficulties in the future just because they are not that fluent in reading and speaking English. So, parents need to start reading lessons as early as they learn to speak. If your children are learning to read, and they struggle with reading on their own, there are many things that can be done to improve their reading skills.

If you are not sure how to start reading lessons for your child, try these 5 effective ways to increase your child’s reading skills and help them to beat all the difficulties and insecurities of their lives.

  1. Establish regular reading skills:

Many researchers have said that setting up a daily routine for reading lessons can help your child increase their reading abilities.

A daily story time can instill the importance of reading in your child’s life. You can see and appreciate the changes when you’re your child starts reading on their own. Giving reading lessons in a daily routine can develop your child’s reading skills in many areas. Such as comprehension and vocabulary skills. It will also increase their interest in reading.

And when your child learns to read on their own, you can continue your daily story time together. You just need to shift the reading responsibilities on them gradually to encourage them to read storybooks, this way they will learn to read without your assistance.

  1. Find them a book they would love:

If your children are not showing interest in reading, it doesn’t mean that they are lazy or they don’t like to read. It may be because they are not able to connect the material you are using to teach them to read. Yes! you heard it right, maybe you need to switch their books. You need to find them a book that they love to read.

You should find them a good storybook filled with different and colourful pictures. Finding the right genre or type of story could be the key to finally sparking your child’s interest. Try to provide them with interesting and moral-based stories, so that they could connect with those stories.

“Growth Diary of Good Kids” from Star of Baby is a storybook set that you must try. This storybook set consists of 10 moral-based storybooks. These books are covered with 20-20 stories for kids. Very easy sentences have been used in these books so that any child can read them easily. Your child would love all the stories from these books.

  1. Make them read even from outside of the books:

Storybooks are not enough for your child to learn to read. Follow these techniques to encourage your child to increase their reading skills from outside of their books:

  • If you go to see a movie, ask them to look up and read the intro of the movie.
  • Make them read newspapers every day, and ask them to read the headlines loudly.
  • Whenever you go on a ride, ask them to read all the sign boards.
  • Ask them to read the menu in the restaurant. Teachers may not always know when your child first begins to fall behind in their reading skills.  Some children are able to mask their difficulties, particularly in group settings, and may be too embarrassed to ask for help even if they know that they need it.

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  1. Stay involved in your child’s reading activities:

Always try to involve in your kid’s reading activities. Read stories with them, help them to recognize different words, dictate them small sentences, and help them to learn the meaning of each sentence.

After reading the moral-based stories, ask your child about the story and tell them the moral of the story. If they ask you questions, reply to them and make them understand the story properly.

Star of Baby hopes these 4 effective ways would increase the reading skills of your child. Good Luck!!!