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Oct 28,2022

 By Star of Baby

Some stories can change kids’ lifestyles and mindsets. Let your kid cultivate good habits and help them to live a value.

We are here with moral-based stories for kids in English. All the stories are from Hopebook’s storybook set. There will be a growth note at the end of each story. We hope you and your kid enjoy these stories.

Seeds that do not sprout:

       Once upon a time, there was a king who was getting old but had no child. It saddened him. So he decided to look for a baby boy all around the country that he could adopt and groom to be the king’s successor.

The king’s selection process was unique. He distributed some flower seeds to each child and announced that the child who can nurture the most beautiful flower from these seeds, would become his adopted son.

All the children took back their seats and took good care of the seeds. They nurtured them from dusk to dawn; watering them, fertilizing them, and loosening the soil. They all worked hard in hopes of being the lucky ones to be adopted by the king.

There was a boy named Kashi. He also took very good care of the seeds. But despite his hard work, the seeds did not even sprout out.

Days, weeks, and finally, a month passed, and his seeds were nowhere near even sprouting, let alone blossoming. Kashi was very frustrated and went to his mother for help. She suggested changing the soil and he did but that did not work either they were out of ideas.

The day of the king’s review arrived. He wanted to see the result of the task he gave to the children. There were a lot of children on the streets, all of them dressed well and ready with the pot of blossoming flowers. They all were looking at the king expectantly as he went around checking the pots slowly. All the pots had colourful blossoming flowers and the excitement of the children filled the air. But the king was not that cheerful.

Suddenly, the king saw Kashi, who was also not very cheerful. He had an empty flower pot in his hand and tears in his eyes. The king called him and asked, “Why are you holding an empty flower pot?”

Kashi was sobbing as he remembered how well he took care of the seeds and yet, they did not even sprout.

Unexpectedly, the king lifted little Kashi in his arms and exclaimed, “You are the one I am looking for!”

All the people were surprised and asked the king why he chose Kashi.

The king replied, “All the seeds that I had distributed were boiled in the beginning so there was no chance that they could sprout and blossom.”

Moral of the story

An honest person is capable of facing up to their flaws while others look for excuses. Therefore, being honest is the only way we can work on our flaws and improve ourselves.

Keep reading these interesting moral-based stories and enjoy them with your kids to develop their mindset.


The bagger and the scholar:

Once upon a time, there were two friends having a strong bond with each other. As time passed they got married and their wives also become friends with each other. Both of the families had sons on the same day which made the families even happier. They named them Abhinav and Ketan. One day they were celebrating their moment, and one fortune teller came to their house. He saw both of the baby boys and said pointing to Ketan, “This child will live the scholar’s life and will be very rich soon.” Again he pointed to Abhinav and said, “This little boy will live a bagger’s life. This is destined.” This incident left both families in shock. When Ketan’s parents were happy, Abhinav’s parents were worried at the same time.

As time passed, Ketan’s mother thought that his child is going to live a king’s life, so he deserves all the luxuries and comfort. This is why she never allowed Ketan to do any hard work. Ketan got used to this habit and become very lazy over time, he even never went to school due to his laziness.

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On the other hand, Abhinav’s mother was worried about Abhinav’s future. So he was educated strictly by his mother. His mother did all the efforts that she could do to make her kid intelligent and self-reliant.

However, due to Abhinav’s mother’s efforts, he became a scholar. And Ketan, who was predicted to become a scholar, became a poor man because of his ignorance and non-committal attitude.

Moral of the story

Work hard and study hard; hard work is the only thing that can ensure a bright future.


A Little pig blushed:

The little one doesn’t like brushing his teeth, It’s too much trouble! Every time it was mommy pig who brushed his teeth.

When the little pig got up in the morning, he didn’t want to brush his teeth. How can he care about brushing his teeth when the smell of breakfast has made him drool? Mommy pig always lets the baby pig rinse his mouth one second before going to school.

Sleep at night, little pig doesn’t want to brush his teeth, how can he care about brushing his teeth when the sleep has made his eyelids fight? Mommy pig brushes the little pig’s teeth while he is asleep.

The little pig doesn’t brush his teeth by himself every day. Mommy pig is very worried, “If you don’t brush your teeth, your teeth will rot: when can you brush your teeth by yourself?

“No, no, no brush! Every night when I fall asleep, you will brush my teeth. I didn’t learn to brush my teeth by myself! It is tiring and troublesome.”

The kindergarten holds a singing completion, and the little pig has signed up. To get a good place, he practiced every day and worked very hard.

On the day of the competition, the baby pig cleaned himself up and dressed up to be handsome.

However, the mommy pig was not at home today and did not rinse or brush his teeth for him.

Standing on the stage, the little pig took a deep breath and sang loudly.


Guess what happened?

All the children held their noses and ran out rushing. “Happy wolf, what happened? Am I not good at singing?” The little pig asked the happy wolf. “Well, well, it’s very good. It’s just, it smells.” Replied the Happy wolf.

Oh, it was because I didn’t brush my teeth! The baby pig blushed with shame and ran out quickly. Why did he run? Of course, he wants to brush his teeth well!

Since then, the little pig brushed his teeth two times a day by himself, which impressed his mother.

Moral of the story

Sometimes, only when you suffer yourself then only you can understand how important it is to learn your things and do it yourself.


These moral-based stories will improve your kids' communication skills in English. Also, a good mindset will be cultivated in their mind. Buy them this Hopebook's storybook set and let your kids learn moral values.