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Feb 07,2023

By Star of Baby

During pregnancy, women go through a storm of emotions. Many times, not only anxiety but a lot of internal sicknesses, morning sickness is one of them. Morning sickness makes a woman feel unease and disturbed, sometimes it accompanies vomiting during pregnancy.

Some women do not experience things like morning sickness during their pregnancy. It depends on different factors like lifestyle, genetics and family medical history. Here, Star of Baby has brought you some food and drinks that would help women to help with morning sickness. Continue reading to know more.

What is morning sickness?

Many of you must be wondering, “What morning sickness is!”

When a woman enters her pregnancy, she experiences different changes in her body. Sometimes they feel different health issues such as vomiting, constipation, weight gain and many more. Morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms and sickness of pregnancy. Most women experience morning sickness during the first trimester of their pregnancy.

Food to help with morning sickness during pregnancy

  • Lemonade 

High in Vitamin C and antioxidants, Lemonade is alkaline and low in calories. Lemonade also helps your body to boost iron absorption. Avoid using sugar when preparing lemonade to consume during pregnancy, you can go with pink salt instead.

  • Watermelon Feta Salad 

Easy-to-make watermelon feta salad can be a good option to consume during pregnancy to deal with morning sickness. Watermelon will also help you to stay hydrated and when you add feta cheese, you will be getting the benefits f probiotics. Always remember to use pasteurized grass-fed feta cheese to avoid any risk.

  • Banana Oat Muffins 

Oats are an excellent source of carbs for your body that digest slowly. Bananas provide you with your daily potassium. 

  • Potato Chips

Aha! You thought that snacks are not allowed during pregnancy, right? Potato chips are safe to consume during pregnancy if consumed within a limit. Morning sickness can be dealt with easily if you consume potato chips whenever you feel not good while the first trimester of pregnancy.

  • Fortified Cereals 

Fortified cereals with zero added sugars can magically beat morning sickness. They are filled with nutrition and provide you with much-needed B vitamins.

  • Sour Foods

Alleviating morning sickness, sour foods like green apples, red bananas and lemons are good to consume. Try them!

  • Vegetable Stews and soups 

Consuming hot vegetable stews, soups and broths is the best treatment for morning sickness. You will get vitamins, minerals and enzymes that will improve gut health and make you feel good during pregnancy.

  • Toast 

One or two slices of toast won’t hurt you but help you deal with your morning sickness. You can get calories, carbs and vitamins which are much needed to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy.

  • Amla

Fruits, rich in vitamin C, can help you deal with morning sickness during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Amla is the best option to consume during pregnancy.

  • Flavoured Popsicles

Fruit-flavoured popsicles can help to change your mood while morning sickness.

  • Whole-grain Bread

Whole-grain bread can make you feel better when you are experiencing morning sickness during your pregnancy as it is rich in fibre and good for you. Also, it tastes good.

Drinks to help with morning sickness during pregnancy

  • Plain Water

Plain water can help you stay hydrated and staying hydrated is key to dealing with morning sickness during pregnancy.  No matter if you are experiencing morning sickness and other symptoms of pregnancy or not having any, drinking water in a sufficient quantity is good for you.

  • Limca

Limca is a carbonated drink, loaded with electrolytes. Limca can surprisingly make you feel better while experiencing morning sickness during pregnancy. You’d be surprised how it makes you feel better.

  • Fortified Vitamin Water 

There are many brands, providing fortified vitamin water. Any vitamin water fortified with vitamin B can help you ease morning sickness and feel refreshed all day.

  • Cranberry Juice 

Having natural sugar in it, cranberry juice can ease the feeling of morning sickness during pregnancy.

  • Peanut Butter Smoothie

Peanut butter smoothie is a healthy drink to consume during pregnancy. It provides you with healthy fats and B vitamins. It is an energizing beverage that must be included in your pregnancy diet, especially during the first trimester of your pregnancy because morning sickness can be experienced during this period mostly.

  • Orange Juice

Packed with Vitamin C and many antioxidants, consuming orange juice during your pregnancy can help your body produce stomach acid. Orange juice provides you with vitamins that prevent those symptoms of morning sickness.

  • Oat Milk

Having a chilled glass of oat milk in the morning will keep you refreshed all day and you won’t feel unease during your pregnancy.

  • Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice is an excellent drink for those having problems with dairy products. It’s the best way to feel good while having morning sickness during your pregnancy.

Note: Pregnancy is such a sensitive stage of a woman's life. Star of Baby advises all pregnant women to consult their dietician/physician before including anything in their pregnancy diet to avoid any risk.