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Wearable Portable Breast Pump-1 Pair | Star of Baby
Wearable Portable Breast Pump-1 Pair | Star of Baby

Wearable Portable Breast Pump-1 Pair - (S10 PRO) | Star of Baby

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Star of Baby Wearable & Hands-Free Breast Pump


– Model: S10 PRO

– Material: BPA free pp material

– Package: 1 Pair(2pcs)

– Color: Pink Mix with White

– Bottle Capacity: 120 ml

– Style: Electric Breast Pump

– Function: memory (history save)

– Suction level: 9 levels (adjustable)

– 2 Modes: Massage and Pumping

– Input Voltage: 5V 1A

– Charging time: 2.5 hours

– Usage Time: 80 minutes

– Charging cable Type: USB

– Battery: 800mAh

– Decibels: low noise 31.9 dB

– Weight: ≈230 g

– Silicone Flange : 24 mm & 27mm

Unique Features:

①Hands-free (wearable)

② 2 modes (Massage & Pumping) with 9 levels suction.

③ Have a memory function to remember your settings.

④Battery level display.

⑤360° Full soft Silicone Breast Shield Funnel.

⑥Prevent back flow Design

⑦ Silent design (low noise 31.9dB)

⑧ USB charging for easy use.

⑨The milk storage capacity is more than 120mL.

⑩Made with BPA free, dishwasher safe plastic

①① There is a display on the milk cup (transparent).

①②Lightweight and small to wear

①③Increase suction and Fast Empty

Package includes:

– Breast pump x 1

– Silicon Shield x 1

– Linker x 1

– Silicon Diaphragm x 1

– USB Cable x 1

– Valve x 1

– Milk Collector x 1

– Bra Adjustment Buckle x 1

Why choose Wearable Portable Breast Pump-1 Pair - (S10 PRO?

– These breast pumps are different from other breast pumps on the market that need to be connected to the tube for breast pumping. These are lightweight, wearable, and easy-to-use breast pumps.

– The material of suction cup of this wearable portable breast pump is made with soft silicone material, which can fit the breasts perfectly and comfortably without leaking milk.

Warranty for 2 years – cover manufacturing defect.

Warranty for 2 weeks – cover wear and tear parts