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Oct 13,2022

By Star of Baby

Breastfeeding is an essential aspect of a baby’s development at least for six months. Mothers, who are working and stay away from their babies can use breast pumps to provide breast milk to the baby without interruption. A good breast pump is like a boon for every working mom. One needs to learn to use the breast pump correctly. We are here with some tips to use breast pumps.

Tips to use breast pump correctly:

The following tips will help you to use the breast pump correctly.

No need to rush

In the first four weeks, you need to initiate and build your milk supply with your baby. If breastfeeding is going well and you don’t feel you need a pump then you don’t need to use a pump. So, never rush to use a pump if your baby is healthy and receiving a good milk supply.  

Unless your baby has special needs

If your baby is premature or he/she has special needs for breastfeeding, or you are not with your baby for some reason, you can use breast pumps to provide an uninterrupted milk supply to your baby. You can use a double-pumping breast pump to collect a good quantity of breast milk.

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If you already know, about the condition of pre-term birth of your baby, you would know that this situation can be difficult for your baby and he/she might not be able to breastfeed easily. In this situation, you need to prepare yourself before the birth of your baby and buy a good quality breast pump so that there will be no difficulties in order to feed your baby with your breast milk, you can collect the milk using a breast pump and then feed it to your baby.

You need to pump frequently

If this is your first time, you using a breast pump and you don’t collect much milk. Don’t worry, to produce more milk your breasts need regular suction.

Express at least 15 minutes on your first breast-pumping session. Try expressing different times to find out the best time to express yourself. It is seen that a particular set time can help you to produce more milk. Frequent and regular pumping will work for you in case you are not able to collect enough milk at your first pumping session.  

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Take care of your hygiene

Always take care of your hygiene before and after breast pumping. Wash your hands properly and clean every part of the breast pump. Be sure you sanitize each part of the breast pump once a day to avoid any kind of infection and ensure all the pieces are dry before storing the breast pump in a container until the next use.

Nourish yourself

Stay hydrated, think about your baby, find a comfortable place, stay calm, and relax during the pumping session. It will help you to stimulate your breast tissues and you will produce more milk.

Make it prepared

Moms need to be prepared and make everything handy to avoid any interruption during their pumping session. So, before starting your pumping session keep everything close to you, you might need a water bottle, TV remote, or snacks.

Be comfortable

Being comfortable is essential for the release of the hormone oxytocin. It stimulates your reflex. Discomfort can interrupt the session. Sit comfortably, take a deep breath, listen to the music and think about your baby. It will help you to express more milk.

Always use the correct size of breast shield otherwise it will make you uncomfortable and reduce the amount of milk you express. Pumping should not hurt, if you feel uncomfortable try to reduce the breast pump suction. If you still feel discomfort after trying all these tips then you should stop pumping and ask a breastfeeding specialist for advice.

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Double up

If you plan to pump regularly, it’s well worth investing in a double breast pump. Double pumping will raise the level of the milk-producing hormone, in your body. Research has shown that women who use double breast pumps have an additional letdown in each pumping session and express more milk having higher fat content. This can also prove to be time-saving. This is the way you can use the breast pump correctly.


1. Can I use a brush to scrub breast pump kit parts?

Star of Baby recommends to follow the pump manufacturer's user's instructions about scrubbing the parts of the breast pump using a brush. Meanwhile scrubbing the breast pump with a brush can damage the parts of the breast pump. You can use a soft scrubber to wash your breast pump.

2. How can I store breast milk?

Not storing breast milk properly can degrade breast milk’s benefits for your baby. If you want to store breast milk for more than an hour, you should place it in the fridge or freezer. It will be best to put the milk in storage bags or bottles that prevent leaks and milk spoilage. You also can write the date on the bag to avoid the usage of expired milk. You can use any insulated bag with ice packs to store the breast milk. The milk will be safe for 24 hours.

3. How Long Should A Pumping Session Take?

It is totally up to you. You may probably need to spend about 15 to 20 minutes in a single pumping session. Many new moms need 30 or 40 minutes for a breast pumping session, especially early on in their breast pumping journey. Once your breasts feel drained, you can end the pumping session.

Dos and Dont's while choosing breast pumps:


  • You should consider how often you going to use a breast pump. If you are going to use it occasionally, you should choose a manual breast pump. Otherwise, choose an electric breast pump.
  • Consider, how much time you can devote to express milk then choose a suitable breast pump.
  • Always check the reviews of the brand before ordering a breast pump. It will help you to choose the best breast pump for you. 
  • Go with a breast pump that is easy to use, and easy to clean.
  • Check that the size of the breast flange fits you perfectly.
  • Always check the warranty period of the breast pump.


  • Do not invest in such breast pumps without a proper demonstration.
  • Never rent a breast pump and never use or buy a used breast pump for your and your baby's hygiene reasons.
  • Do not buy breast pumps from any unknown company.


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