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Nov 10,2022

By Star of Baby

What is Star of Baby about?

Star of Baby is all about childcare products that provide a wide range of kids; products that parents would like to buy for their children. We are affordable and offer good quality products. Star of Baby offers a vast range of electric swings for kids, Breast pumps for latching moms, educational toys for kids Baby diapers and many more. Star of Baby helps you experience the best side of parenthood with each kids' product. To find out more about these products you need to continue reading.

Let’s take a look at all products of Star of Baby:

Breast pumps

We are here with a wide range of breast pumps within budget. Electric breast pumps, manual breast pumps. We also offer hand-free breast pumps. Following are some varieties of breast pumps that we offer to our customers.  

Why breast pumps?

There are many women who are working and they have to go to their workplace so soon after delivering the baby. In order to provide an uninterrupted breast milk supply to the newborn baby, new moms buy these breast pumps. These are comfortable and easy to use and easy to clean. You can choose any breast pump of your choice, just find a fit shield size for you, and here you go. Breast pumps also help to stimulate the breast milk supply.

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Baby safety products

We care about the baby’s safety. Babies can’t differentiate between danger and safety. It is our duty to provide them with a safe environment. Keeping this thought in mind, we are here with a wide range of kids’ safety products that are too within your budget. These are some of our best seller products that protect the baby and give them a safer environment.

Why baby needs protection?

  1. At each step, babies need protection. We all have sockets in our homes, there is a big risk for babies as when they see these sockets their mind says them to put their finger in it, many of the kids have done this and experienced an electric shock. This can be risky so we need something to cover up that sockets.
  2. We also need something to stop children from escaping. Many incidents have been seen, such as babies accidentally falling from the balcony. Many times, babies cross the main door crawling. Here we need a tiny door to auto close door which can stop the child from escaping.
  3. Diaper rashes are something that can cause a major risk to a child’s skin. That is why they need good quality baby diapers that can prevent diaper rashes.
  4. With the help of a baby monitor, you can keep an eye on your baby’s activities even while doing your household chores or while shopping.


Educational toys for kids

 Adding more fun to kids’ learning age. We are here with a variety of the best educational toys for kids. That will help them to learn while playing.

How these educational toys are helpful?

With the best variety of educational toys, kids can enjoy their learning period. As they can learn while playing now.

  1. Our Level up puzzle set would sharpen their mind and teach them different types of things, for example, different flowers and animals.
  2. Our best seller’s storybook the “Growth Story of Good Kids” will provide the best moral-based stories to kids which will help them to grow with moral values. These moral storybooks will teach them to respect elders and will also boost their confidence.
  3. The magical toy parrot will teach your kids many poems in your absence, you just need to record them by pressing the recording button. These parrots will help them to skill up your child’s communication while talking and mimicking your child.


Scooters for kids

Our three-wheeled scooters and bicycles for kids would let them enjoy their childhood with full safety. Kids need full safety while playing out. Each of our scooters and bicycles will provide them a safe ride with its good quality material and with better grip wheels.

The followings are some of our best-seller scooters for kids.

Each of these has its own quality and features. Kids will experience an amazing ride with super led wheels and a beautiful colour combination.

Where to buy?

Buy everything at a reasonable price range. You also can get amazing discount offers on each of our products. You can buy each of our kids’ products from our official website www.starofbaby.in.