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Sep 08,2022

By Star of Baby

New born babies bring joy to our lives and this joy brings many responsibilities with it. Taking care of an infant is such a back-breaking thing.  In this blog, we will try to help each new mom out there by giving some parenting tips. 

Being a mom of a newborn baby can be the most thrilling part of life. Everything changes with the birth of the baby. Responsibilities bring restless nights. From feeding and bathing playing and sleeping, babies need extra care for everything. Taking care can be a difficult task for every new mum out there. Some guidance and tips can help mums for taking good care of their babies. Here are some baby care tips to take care of newborn babies. These parenting tips would help each new parent. 

1.    The baby needs good skin care: 

New born babies usually have extremely sensitive skin. Their skin is very delicate and susceptible to infections. So, in order to take care of your new born baby’s skin, you need to give him a bomb source of nourishment. 
The skin care products that we use as an adult are harsh and bad for the baby’s skin. Try to use homemade skincare products, it will give good hydration and nourishment to your baby’s skin. You also can use any chemical-free lotions by consulting a child specialist. Here are some important points that you should keep in your mind for the care of new born baby’s skin.
•    Avoid using Talcum powder, it can be inhaled by the baby and cause a serious issue to the baby’s lungs.
•    Diaper rashes can be healed by some of the home remedies but if the rashes are too big and bleeding you should catch up with a child physician immediately.
•    Limit the baby’s exposure to sunlight as it can cause sunburn and irritation to the baby.
•    Avoid frequent bathing and don’t use harsh soaps and body washes on your baby’s skin. Frequent bathing can make your baby’s skin dry.
•    Don’t make your little one wear diapers all the time. Let the baby’s skin breathe for some time.  

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2.  Take care of your own hygiene:
Hygiene helps prevent the spread of infections in places where it is most needed. Every new mum needs to take care of the hygiene of herself as well as of her new born baby. If you are not feeling well it will be good to stay away from the baby. Washing hands frequently, trimming nails and taking care of health are good when you are a mother of a new born baby.

3.    Take care while breastfeeding: 
Breastfeeding is the best meal for a baby during his first six months as Mother’s milk is good for the baby’s health that digested easily. Mother’s milk protects the new born from infections, it also boosts the baby’s growth and weight. Here are some points that a mother should learn about feeding her new born baby:
•    You need to stay calm while feeding your little one.
•    Stay hydrated so the baby can also be hydrated.
•    You need to know that overfeeding can create problems with the baby so, feed when the baby is really hungry. 

4.    Burp is mandatory: 

While feeding, babies take in air that can cause colic symptoms to babies and can make them fussy. Making them burp after every feed can prevent your baby from being fussy. The air swallowed by the baby can become trapped in the baby’s stomach and cause discomfort. Burping allows the baby to remove some of that gassiness to relieve the pain. It also helps prevent spitting up.

5.    Choose the right diaper brand:
Diapers are something that should be chosen wisely for taking care of your baby’s hygiene. Always choose a diaper brand wisely. The diaper should be comfortable and leak-proof and should be made with harmless things.

6.    Decide turns (sleep timing): 
Newborn babies need good care at night as well as in day time. It will be good if you decide the turns to sleep. A newborn baby can roll over while sleeping which can create an accident. In order to prevent any accidents and to take care of your baby deciding the sleeping turns will be a great option. This way you will be sharing the responsibilities with your spouse and you both can relax for some time. 

7.     Take care of vaccination: 

Vaccination prevents infants from virus diseases and their complications. Parents should know the schedule of the baby’s vaccination as it is the most important aspect of the baby’s healthcare. You can set a reminder on your phone or calendar. Negligence can have very bad consequences.

8.     Trim nails: 
Don’t forget to trim the nails of you and your baby. While giving a bath or massage, your nails can hurt your baby. In order to protect your baby from getting hurt by your nails, it will be better to trim your nails. Also, big nails are said to be a house of germs so trimming the nails is a step forward in hygiene.
You need to clip your baby’s nails from time to time. It is necessary to ensure that they do not scratch themselves.

9.    Set a schedule for massaging:
 Infants need nourishment and a regular massage routine. You need to set a schedule to take good care of your baby and give him/her a gentle massage. You can use olive oil, coconut oil or sesame oil to nourish your baby’s skin. Giving a regular massage will strengthen the baby’s body. If you don’t know the method, don’t rush for massaging the infant otherwise you will hurt him/her. Take the help of any experience lady. Keep one thing in mind never massage a hungry baby and don’t massage right after feeding your baby, always wait at least 45 minutes after feeding him/her.,

10.    Choose clothes wisely: 

Newborn babies need more comfort and have very sensitive skin so, you should choose your baby’s clothes wisely. Clothes that suit baby’s skin and baby feel comfortable in it. Stick to cotton only. The newborn baby stores will be gleaming with fancy and colorful clothes but ignore them and do a favor for your newborn baby. Avoid clothes having hooks and buttons and buy wisely. 

11.    Consult a doctor when in need: 
Never try to self-medicate your baby ever. Consult a doctor immediately whenever you see any sickness in your baby like diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. A little sickness can create a big issue in babies so be careful and reach out to the doctor if you see any sickness in your baby.

12.    Seek help from an experienced mom:
 Consulting and taking help from an experienced mom will give you a satisfying experience as they have already experienced the stage you are going through. They can help you the way no one can.

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