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Benefits and side effects of honey during pregnancy by Star of Baby

Jan 23,2023 | Star of Baby

By Star of Baby

Benefits and side effects of honey during pregnancy

Honey is a great replacement for sugar that also tastes delicious. As we know honey is a good source of antioxidants and amino acids which is also used for medicinal purposes too. Having too many benefits, honey also contains certain types of bacteria that may lead to botulism in infants. Doctors suggest giving raw honey to children who are younger than 1 year as their digestive system is not developed enough to handle it and can lead to diseases. Many of you must have already known this. During pregnancy, many women would get hesitation about consuming honey during their pregnancy it would reach the baby in the womb directly. If you are one of them and have a question about whether or not to consume honey during pregnancy, Read out this blog from Star of Baby to know the truth!

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Can you consume honey during pregnancy?

If you are having a doubt about consuming honey during pregnancy. So, the answer is here, honey is safe to consume during pregnancy, and you can add honey to your diet during pregnancy without any hesitation unless your doctor advises you otherwise.

If you are still looking for a fact to prove that honey is safe for you during pregnancy then you should know that when you are an adult, it is easy to digest everything and being an adult your gut can handle the bacteria that come with honey. Because the biggest concern regarding consuming honey during pregnancy is the bacteria that comes with honey which leads to ‘botulism’ in infants it is a rare but serious illness that happens due to contaminated honey containing Clostridium spores which is a harmful bacteria. But during pregnancy, the placenta stops these spores or their toxin to enter the foetus so that they can’t reach the baby in the womb.


Honey is a replacement for sugar, and one can consume honey without any worry if consumed judiciously.

Benefits of consuming honey during pregnancy:

Honey has countless health benefits owing to its various medicinal properties. Even the importance and benefits of honey are also mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures. There are countless health benefits that you may derive from consuming honey during pregnancy. Some of the benefits are listed below.

1. Boosts your immune system:

During pregnancy, A pregnant woman needs to have a well-built immune system to stay safe from any disease-causing agents during this delicate phase of pregnancy. Always remember any kind of complication may harm your baby. Honey has those properties that can help you boost your immune system. Honey is high in antioxidants and antibacterial properties that make it the perfect immunity booster. So you can include honey in your diet during pregnancy to keep your immune system working properly.


2. Relieves cough

If you have caught a cough, you can try honey with a spoonful of ginger juice or lemon tea to soothe your sore throat. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, honey helps to soothe your sore throat. Even traditionally, relief from cough and sore throat.

3. Helps fight cold

Having anti-viral properties and immune-strengthening properties, honey is well known to get relief from colds and flu. Women can consume honey with lukewarm water or tea to stay safe from colds and flu.

4. May help cure ulcers.

Regular consumption of honey can heal stomach ulcers of patients with gastritis at a faster rate. And it is particularly effective against duodenal ulcers, a type of peptic ulcer, caused by H.pylori infection. Ulcers can be very dangerous as they affect the stomach lining which is located very close to the womb where the baby is. So you must consume honey after consulting with your doctor.

5. May provide relief from insomnia.

Consuming honey is one of the simplest and safest ways to improve the quality of sleep. Honey, when consumed with milk just before bedtime, is known to have stress-relieving properties. And no stress means better sleep. So if you have trouble falling or staying asleep during pregnancy, you can have warm milk with honey before going to bed. You never know, it may help you will stress and insomnia during pregnancy.

6. May help prevent allergies.

The presence of pollen in some of the local varieties of honey is known to improve resistance to seasonal allergies over time. Regular intake of honey helps the body build immunity against antigens that can act up during pregnancy. However, if you are allergic to pollen, you should consult your doctor before consuming honey.

7. Promotes healthy scalp

Topical application of honey can promote a healthy scalp and treat cuts and wounds with the help of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in it. If you want to get rid of dandruff and an itchy scalp, mix honey in warm water and apply it on your scalp and see the magic.