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Baby Massaging Tips and Benefits & How To Do It Correctly | By Star Of Baby

Sep 12,2022 | Star of Baby

By Star of Baby

Raising a new born baby is very exciting and challenging at the same time. Whether it is about changing the baby's diapers or feeding him. Responsibilities increase with every task of the baby. This is the time when you spend much time strengthening the bond between you and your baby. Massaging is something when you get more time to spend with your baby. Giving massage to babies is also a good way of soothing them. Massaging calms the baby and makes them giggle out of delight. After the first few weeks of birth, you can begin massaging your baby. New born babies have delicate body, you need to be more careful while massaging an infant to avoid any risk to their body.

Here you will find some important tips and benefits to massaging your baby.

Before knowing about the benefits of massaging a baby, let’s check out the preparations and tips to massage your baby.

Things to keep in mind before massaging the baby:


1. Make a schedule: It is advised to set a time to give a massage to your baby as it will help the kid to be ready for the massage. Massaging the baby after bath and before bed timing would be a great option.

2. Be comfortable: Find a place where you and the baby would feel comfortable you can massage the baby on the floor, sofa, or on the bed, just make sure that the baby is comfortable and safe. Avoid massage in a noisy place as the baby needs a peaceful environment to relax.

3. A big NO with a hungry baby: Before massaging your baby you need to make sure that the baby is not hungry. Never massage a hungry baby and also take at least 45 minutes after feeding your little one.

4. Avoid when he is grumpy: Always massage the baby, when he is in a good mood. Before every massage, make sure your baby is not fussy or irritated otherwise he will start crying and there will be the worst situation for the baby. So, always insure that baby is fine and in a good mood. Also never massage the baby when he is sick.

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Tips to massage the new born baby:

After knowing the pre-massaging precautions, let’s learn about how to massage the new born baby effectively and correctly.

1. Make it hygienic: Hygiene is the key to good health whether it is about the mother or the baby. So, always wash your hands after and before massaging the infant. 

2. Prepare the oil: Prepare the oil good for massaging the baby. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, or sesame oil to massage the baby oil must be warmed slightly (use after the oil gets to room temperature) also you can add some carom seeds to the oil.

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3. Take permission: It may sound strange but you should make sure that baby is ready for the massage. Just rub some drops of oil on your palm keeping your hand near your baby’s ears and ask "are you ready for the massage baby?" your child will become familiar with this cue and will give you a hint if the baby doesn’t feel like a massage.  

4. Do it gently: While massaging the baby avoid applying pressure and strong strokes. Be gentle and apply soft hands so that baby doesn’t get hurt or irritated during the massage. Keep talking to the baby while massaging your new born baby. 

To massage your new born baby, you need to know all the techniques and strokes. To help you, here we are describing some techniques below to massage the baby.



  • Firstly place your baby on a soft towel. Spread a few drops of oil on your warm hands and massage the soles of the baby’s feet from heel to toe gently using your thumb. Always keep one hand on the baby.
  • Softly massage from ankle to thigh and over the hip avoiding the genital area. Now hold the baby’s leg under the knee and move the leg slowly towards his tummy.
  • After massaging the legs of the baby, now it’s the turn of his hands. Massage baby’s arms from shoulders to the wrist. Do not put the oil on the baby’s palm and fingers, if this happens, wipe off it before the baby sucks them.
  • Do upper body massage with your hands from the shoulders towards the chest applying gentle strokes.
  • Now massage the tummy of your baby with a clockwise, circular motion. Avoid the pressure on the belly button area.
  • Massage the baby’s face with gentle strokes from the middle of the baby’s forehead down towards his cheeks. Massage the scalp with a small circular motion.
  • After massaging the front of your baby, you can turn the baby onto its tummy and use long, smooth strokes from head to toe gently.


Never perform any massage technique that seems to make your baby uncomfortable and irritated.

What are the benefits of massaging the newborn baby?

  • Baby massage helps the baby relax and release the tension of daily stimuli.
  • Massaging the baby decreases irritability and excessive crying in babies.
  • Promote social, emotional, and cognitive development.
  • Infant massage reduces gas, colic and intestinal difficulties.
  • Massaging the infant strengthens and regulate the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, musculature, digestive, and endocrine system of babies.
  • Massaging your newborn baby provides the time to interact with your baby and strengthens the bond between you and your infant.